Find out how a Gold and Silver IRA can shelter your portfolio from volatility.

Learn the Secrets to a Gold & Silver IRA That Many Dealers Don't Want You to Know.

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Learn How to Invest in Gold and Silver for the Long-Term

Thanks to a little-known law, you can now put gold or silver into your IRA account to own physical precious metals in coin or bar form. You’ll never have to wonder if your retirement fund is secure because YOU have all the control. There’s no hassle to access it, no password to remember, and no wondering if it’s really there when you need it most.

Don’t rely on the government, or anyone else, to “protect” your hard-earned retirement savings for you. Are you concerned about being at the mercy of the volatile stock and bond market to secure your finances for the future? Start planning for your future now and find out the benefits of holding physical gold, silver and platinum bullion and certified coins as a long-term investment, so it's there waiting for you when you retire, or when you need it most*.

Enter your contact information below and one of our specialists will work with you to custom-create a precious metals investment portfolio to set you up for long-term capital growth and asset protection.

We look forward to assisting you as you consider this important step to protect your financial future.

*As with all investments, there is risk and past performance of a particular asset class does not guarantee future performance.


"The rep was very knowledgeable and gave me a short educational course on the benefits of both investment coins and bullion."

Nancy C. | Clearwater, Fl




Gold Coins, Gold Bars & Investment Grade Proof 70 Gold Coins

We offer a huge selection of gold coins, gold bars and certified gold coins from mints around the world. Our highly trained gold experts are standing by to assist with your specific investment needs.


Gold Coins

We offer a huge selection of gold coins from mints around the world.


Gold Bars

A variety of gold bar weights and sizes to accommodate any budget.


Certified Gold Coins

Investment grade proof 70 gold coins and sets from all annual releases

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Wholesale Coins Direct brings trust and integrity to all aspects of the precious metals acquisition process. Our goal is to always exceed our customer’s expectations by helping them to make better, more informed buying decisions.
Our parent company, Lone Star Tangible Assets, was selected by the Texas Comptroller’s Office to build and operate the Texas Bullion Depository – the first ever state-administered gold bullion depository in the world!

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At Wholesale Coins Direct, we are truly passionate about precious metals and the role that metals play in today’s investor marketplace. As an active member within ICTA (Industry Council on Tangible Assets), Wholesale Coins Direct subscribes to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. We aspire to serve as leaders in the Precious Metals Industry by continually raising the bar on what our customers grow to expect from their Metals Acquisition Experience.


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